According to the Independent Newspaper:

‘Despite more than 1.45m people currently working in social care, there are 110,000 vacancies in the workforce – a figure which is expected to rise by an additional 650,000 by 2035 due to an ageing population, ministers said.’

The challenge in the future will be to recruit younger carers into Social Care, in order to satisfy the demand driven by population increases and the rise in the ageing demographic of the UK.

Older members of society can sometimes appear sceptical towards the younger generation. Are they reliable, diligent, hardworking, able to communicate respectfully and do they possess the necessary experience to connect on a personal level with the older generation?

At Carefour we are delighted to have recruited some of the very best young carers their generation has to offer. This was highlighted recently by some wonderful feedback from one of our recently recruited and highly experienced carers, Tracy. In her words:

‘Hi Amy, After our telephone conversation. I would just like to say after my two weeks of shadowing with Jess. Tara. Vicky. Amy (2) and Lauren. How impressed I was shadowing them. As you know I’ve been in care in the community for 18 yrs and when I was asking the girls how long they had been doing their roles and they all replied only wks or some of them months it made me laugh as I am shadowing them. 😃 However, I couldn’t help but observe the way the girls worked and how they were with the clients. They all showed genuine care and empathy with each one I was with. I could see it in all the girls that they really are what I’d call genuine caring CARERS. There’s not a lot of us about and it was a privilege to have been out with them, especially as they are the younger carers, well younger than me. 😂. Too many people criticise younger carers, but these girls genuinely are an asset to Carefour. Like myself, it is the best job I have had since leaving school and that was a long time ago. So I hope they all carry on in this profession.’

Tracy, thank you for your kind words and sentiments. The young care team members mentioned in your message have all been congratulated. As importantly, our clients are continuing to receive superb care from our outstanding younger carers. Well done and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.