Home care also known as Domiciliary care is a service we offer clients in the comfort of their own home. We provide domiciliary care services to adults and the elderly and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We carry out internal quality checks including client satisfaction questionnaires, frequent staff training, spot-check and staff supervision. We pride ourselves on the quality of our domiciliary care services we provide within the Worcestershire area. Our domiciliary care clients invest in their care through either Government or private funding.

A tailored approach

Our care may entail a simple 15-minute check-up on customers at their home or it may mean a carer lives within the home 24 hours a day (known as ‘live-in care’). Our service meets clients needs no matter how challenging they may be. Each client requires a unique care service. We spend time determining the specific needs of our customers by tailoring care services to meet those needs. We encourage customers to remain as independent as possible. Our care includes attendance to social events and others outside the home activities.

Our care staff are qualified carers and we apply stringent criteria when selecting staff. Staff are subject to random spot-checks and supervised training. This means staff are able to deliver care services in a safe, efficient and professional manner.

Reasons for needing domiciliary care

Common reasons clients require domiciliary care services include:

  • General mobility problems due to age, sickness or disability
  • Temporary mobility issues following hospital discharge
  • Temporary care needs e.g. respite care
  • End of life ‘palliative care’
  • Companionship care

Clients often choose domiciliary care services because they wish to remain in the comfort of their own home rather than moving to a care home. Customers are able to live within an environment where they are happy and close by to their love ones. We believe everyone should have the right to live within the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Domiciliary care makes this wish possible.

What is included?

Domiciliary care services include:

  • Personal care services such as washing and dressing
  • Assistance with common household tasks
  • Help with Meal preparation
  • Making sure clients take their medication
  • Transporting to and from social events
  • Help with Shopping
  • Service with a smile

Our clients remain as independent as possible so they do not become over-dependent on carers. Above all domiciliary care services are performed with warmth and respect.

Contact Carefour for more information

If you would like to learn more about domiciliary care services at Carefour you are invited complete the enquiry form and member of the team will contact you shortly. All care staff receive vigorous training. We spend many days making sure carer and clients are perfectly matched.