Our Personal Care Service gives you the confidence to remain living at home.  Would you rather stay at home or go into a residential or nursing home? If the answer is that you prefer to stay living in your own home, but need help in doing so, then a carer from Carefour is a very good option.

Struggling with day-to-day tasks such as maintaining personal hygiene, toileting, dressing or taking care of your own appearance can be debilitating and your general well-being will suffer as a consequence. Similarly, being unable to prepare nutritious and healthy meals can have a negative effect on your overall physical well-being.  Additionally, it is immensely tough for families to see their loved ones struggle.

A Carefour Carer is your solution to this scenario and it is easier than you think to arrange.  Following a thorough assessment, our expertly trained carers provide respectful personal care, so that dignity, greater independence and improved well-being is achieved.  In fact, dignity and respect are at the core of everything we do at Carefour.

How does it work?

Firstly, person-centred around you, your individual care plan will outline all your preferences, interests and needs.  In particular, important points such as; what needs you need support with and what can you do on your own, how you like things done and when you want to eat or when you like to take your shower are all discussed with you, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. Secondly, a carer will be matched to you and introduced by your care manager.  Finally, plenty of follow-ups will be conducted to ensure you are settled and happy, on an ongoing basis.

A trusted and familiar carer

Matched specifically to you, your carer will help you as much or as little as you require.  Additionally, they know how to help and promote your independence.  With this in mind, your carer will do things with you as well as for you, depending on how you are feeling that day.  You can rest assured that your carer has excellent references, and has been thoroughly background-checked and properly trained by us.

Discreet and professional

Feeling daunted about having someone in your own home is natural, however, please be assured that your carer will be looking forward to supporting you. Of course, your carer will be discreet and aware of when you like your own space. For instance, if you like to take an afternoon nap, or want to sit and read quietly, your carer will be in their room.  Above all, your carer is a trained professional, not a guest, they are there for you.

Personal care with dignity and privacy

Your carer will be experienced in delivering personal care in a dignified and respectful manner.

Social and emotional wellbeing

General well-being is not only about your physical health, but also about feeling good mentally.  Consequently, having a carer will ensure that you continue to do things you love, will promote and encourage you to try new things and will facilitate your social and emotional well-being.  For example, simple tasks that have become, or are becoming troublesome, you will be able to do again, with your carer there to inspire confidence.

Shopping and Meals

We all know that eating well is essential to our health, but sometimes shopping and planning meals can become too much, leading to less balanced diets and heated-up ready meals. Talking through your food and meal preferences and shopping together can be fun and will ensure you get a home-cooked, balanced diet.

Prompt or administer medication

Your carer becomes part of your team, working with you and your family as well as external professionals, should you need them.  Therefore, they will help organise your medication, order and collect from the pharmacy and prompt or administer your medication, as required.

Ongoing feedback and quality assurance

Importantly, you will have a dedicated care manager, who will be on hand to discuss your ongoing and changing needs.

carer with live-in care client

Case study

Gillian W (Gill) suffered a severe stroke five years ago and was admitted to hospital.  Afterwards, and partially recovered, she moved into a state-of-the-art residential home.  However, her overriding passion was to move back home.  Gill has lots of memories at home,  pictures of when she travelled with the Welsh Choir, family mementoes and her beloved pet dog, to name a few.  Gill’s son approached Carefour to facilitate Gill’s wishes to move home.  After thorough assessments, a small team of experienced live-in carers was created for her.  Meanwhile,  some rearrangements at her property and new toileting and washing facilities were fitted, Gill was now able to move back home.

Nowadays, Gill has her family and friends to visit when she wants, she has resumed going to book club meetings and she regularly goes out in her adapted car to the theatre or visiting.  She chooses what she wants to eat and together with her carer they do a weekly online shop.  Her life has returned to as normal as possible, with the help of Carefour live-in carers.

Why choose Carefour

Around-the-clock care allows your loved one to remain in their home while ensuring safety and promoting optimal well-being. In addition, caregivers offer a much more personalised plan of care with one-to-one support tailored to the status, conditions, preferences, hobbies and lifestyle of the individual.

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External Resources

To illustrate productive healthy ageing, the UK government has produced guidance on Living Well in Older Years. Furthermore, Public Health England (PHE) has adopted the World Health Organisation (WHO) framework of ageing in a downloadable booklet.