Here at Carefour we have robust contingency plans in place for dealing with extreme weather patterns, without which it would be a very worrying time for clients, their families and our carers. 

Each year we review our emergency policies and procedures in order to stay abreast of best practices within the Care Sector sector, prioritising the absolute safety and wellbeing of our clients. See Cold Weather Plan.

Here are some examples of the policies that Carefour follow for bad weather planning:

  1. We check and revise our emergency plans, for example, ensuring that all contact details for families and service users are accurate at all times. 
  2. Tracking severe weather warnings which are predicting snow, floods and ice within the relevant local area.
  3. Review all care plans to identify the most vulnerable clients in our care. Change rotas if required, contact relatives or neighbours regarding these changes. This ensures that everyone is coordinated in a safe and responsible manner.
  4. Carefour carers check that vulnerable service users are ready for Winter. They will need to know whether our client has essential supplies to keep warm, access to nutrition and be ready for any potential emergency medication issues.
  5. At Carefour we address workforce planning issues. We keep our carers local, reducing the need for unnecessary and dangerous journeys. All relevant carers are contacted to ensure their availability, in case the carers are unable to attend their regular client calls.
  6. We remain in regular contact with our carers throughout the bad weather period consistent with our lone working policy. 
  7. Carefour has access to four by four transport, which will be retained for priority clients with conditions that require urgent attention from an expert carer.
  8. Having a Winter ready vehicle for any carer is a priority and we signpost all of our carers to a local garage who offers free testing of tyres, antifreeze top-ups etc.
  9. Road closures must be checked, prior to carers setting out to perform their visits and this is applied through a series of mediums such as local news stations, local councils and transport apps.
  10. Ensuring carers have warm clothing, shovels for snow and something to eat and drink in their vehicles in case of emergencies.
  11. Carefour team meetings are held in order to review and if necessary, improve our performance once conditions return to normal.

We are extremely pleased and proud of the fact that Carefour carers have never missed a care visit since the service began. Stay healthy this Winter.