Benefits of Walking
Benefits of Walking

At Carefour we create tailored plans for all of our clients, and for those that are able, we’ll always suggest the oldest known healthy activity. Walking.

If you’re not sure where to start with getting a little more exercise, then this is the place to start.

Here are our top reasons to get out and move more.

Walking helps discover new places

Enjoying a walk can help you to explore your local landmarks and possibly discover somewhere new you didn’t even realise was there.

Walking reduces stress

It’s been proven that the perfect way to chill out and rid yourself of any daily stress is to take a walk. The exercise-induced endorphins that also get released will leave you feeling better by helping to improve your mood.

Walking can save you money

You could save a few quid by walking to your local shop, and a walk around the block is free compared to signing up for an exercise class.

Walking is known to lower blood pressure

Walking and generally being active can help to lower your blood pressure and this in turn might even lower your risk of heart problems in the future.

Walking increases your energy levels

It might feel tiring to go for a walk but actually keeping active can actually boost your energy and help you feel less tired in the long term. Remember to take your time and go at your own comfortable pace.

Walking can maintain a healthy weight

If you can build in a regular walk, it can eventually help you maintain a healthy weight, burn extra calories and even tone and strengthen your muscles.

Walking and talking

If you are able then making a phone call halfway through your walk, perhaps from a favourite bench or under a magnificent tree then you can combine two mood-lifting activities at once.

A good walk improves sleep

When you add in a walk each day (or whatever you can manage) you’ll find that you also sleep better. Just don’t do it too late at night or it might have the opposite effect.

How can Carefour help?

Carefour creates care plans around each of our client’s specific needs and requirements and no matter how small the details, we take them into account.

If adding in a walk each day or week for our live-in care clients or Homecare customers is what is required, then this can of course be accommodated.

Carefour provides Homecare and 24-hour Live-in Care across the Midlands and Oxfordshire and so please get in touch if you or a loved one requires care at home.